Amazon Squares up to Apple: Kindle Vs iPad


Apple's iPad was destined to stimulate a response from Amazon, and that response has been swift and effective. Beginning even before the launch of the iPad, Amazon has obviously developed a strategy designed to maintain the Kindle's position as e-reader of choice. How will Apple respond to this kick in the teeth?

It had to happen.  Apple's foray into the eBook market with its iPad had to get a reaction from Amazon, but nobody quite expected the severity of this reaction. Amazon has responded amazingly strongly and in several different ways. If you are looking for purchase iOS snapchat ​mobile app reviews online or websites android and iOS apps you can contact by clicking on above link. buy app installs

1.  Kindle Apps

Prior to the iPad launch, Amazon made the announcement of the opening of an applications store, and an invitation for developers to come up with apps in the same way that they did for the iPhone and the iPad. This was an apparent attempt to offer the Kindle as a genuine competitor to the iPad.  buy app installs online

Without some other use of the Kindle other than as a dedicated e-reader, Amazon knew that it was destined to suffer a knock-out blow from Apple. It is not easy to fight Apple's commercial and financial resources, but it can be done given the right strategy. One tactic of that strategy is to emulate what Apple has achieved in the versatility of their products, and by developing applications for the Kindle, Amazon is doing that: and taking the first step on the road to genuine multimedia capability for the Kindle. buy android app installs

This might conceivably be the beginning of a larger war between the two giants, involving not only eBooks, but also music, movies and all the other miscellaneous applications that have come to be associate with the iPhone and, no doubt, the iPad. 

2.  DRM Drop-Out

Amazon made DRM optional for publishers. With iBooks locked by FairPlay, Amazon's DRM opt-out means that users can port their eBooks to other e-readers. DRM is now optional for publishers, and while that is not a great advance for the majority of Kindle owners, it is for the smaller publishers who will now have more of an incentive to market the Kindle. It is one more in the eye for Apple, and another small advantage that Amazon is trying to gain over the iPad. According to the article "An Introduction to Popular E-book File Formats", with its own Digital Rights Management structure AZW format protects the e-book publishers and authors from possible piracy and is loosely based on Mobipocket's popular MOBI file format (Digital Book Readers). For training purpose, you can find mobile apps from iTunes. buy android installs

3.  Price Maintenance

Amazon took steps to protect the low prices of Kindle eBooks by maintaining a maximum price of $9.99 on all its publications. It is the only e-reader that does not allow publishers to apply higher pricing, and it responded to Macmillan's pressure by removing all that publishers products from its virtual library. Yes, Amazon has stated that these will be reinstated, but that has yet to happen, and Macmillan meantime has been subject to insults from Amazon on public forums. for more details

This move was likely made in response to criticism that eBooks are too expensive in relation to their production costs and overheads. By sustaining a price ceiling of $9.99, Amazons maintains a level of competitiveness that other e-readers will find it hard to match, including Apple. 

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